The Interview Series

 By Sue Swenson 


"Heartbreak Interview" 

Candace, the HR Director, learns that her boyfriend is leaving her… smack in the middle of her interview with a job applicant.




"Crash My Interview"

What if a needy employee walked in and crashed YOUR interview for a job?



"Surprise Interview"

What if employers started interviewing applicants at their HOME - unannounced?


"Jenson Brothers Interview"

"Sibling rivalry" is nothing new but watch how it sabotages this job interview.


"Pool Interview"

Even at poolside, Candace, the HR Director, takes her job a bit too seriously.


"Win That Job!"

In a recession, some companies really make their job applicants jump through hoops. Game show anyone?


"Speed Layoffs"

Speed dating can be stressful, but it’s a cakewalk compared to speed LAYOFFS!



"Layoff Blues"

Anyone is vulnerable to being laid off – even the Layoff Queen herself!