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  "The Interview Pest"

Tired of imperious interviewers who hold all the power? Just for fun, watch a job interview where the human resources director goes crazy when the "bug guy" interrupts and spoils the interview.


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"The Interview Series 2"

A collection of Original Comedy Video shorts written and produced by Sue Swenson. 


 Helicopter Mom Interview

  Watch the "Mom from Hell" sabotage her son's job interview.
"Speed Interview" 
You've heard of speed dating. Now it's time for speed interviews. 
"Drill Sergeant"  

Would you ask your old high school boyfriend for a job? Find out what happens here.



"Pest Control Interview"

You saw Earl play havoc in The Interview Pest above. Now watch Candace reverse roles in his interview.



"Gothic Interview"

E.E.O.C. wouldn't approve of this interview. Do you?



"Horseplay Ranch"

This video gives new meaning to "prostituting yourself" for a job.



"Paris Hilton"

How much are YOU willing to conform to win a job?