Bio: Sue Swenson



Comedy is king, especially during this recession. Sue Swenson, an experienced writer and producer of 17 short comedic videos, is currently developing full-length comedic screenplay projects.

Sue and JackThe short videos are currently seen by a wide and varied audience on the Internet. They appear on websites such as YouTube, iTunes, Vidilife, Metacafe, Sevenload, Funnyordie, Blip.TV,, . They also appear here.

Now based in Portland, Oregon, Sue is open to discussing investment opportunities with potential investors.

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Writing Experience:

Sue was a member of a small team of comedy writers in 2004 who wrote the scripts for "Shampoo", a cable TV program developed to showcase local acting talent in Phoenix, AZ.

Although very little of her writing has been submitted to contests, she received recognition on several occasions.

Her 10-minute play, "The Interview" was a semifinalist in 2002 at the McLaren Memorial Comedy Play Writing Competition in Midland, TX. This play was inspired by her real life frustrations when, as a semiconductor recruiter, she had to deal with difficult human resources personnel.

Her essay, "Charlie Johnson", received an Honorable Mention in the 6th Annual Short Story Contest at Glendale Public Library, Glendale, AZ in February, 2002.

She developed her writing skills by taking numerous writing and acting classes. Although not an actor, Sue has also taken many acting classes which have helped her to understand how to craft a scene, build conflict and write realistic, edgy dialogue.

Sue attended classes in acting for theater, and for TV and film, at Scottsdale Community College. She attended improvisation classes with Louis Anthony Russo, founder of Oxymoronz, Scottsdale, AZ, in 2000. She also attended a couple of improvisation classes taught by Patty Hannon, the actress starring as the nun in the long-running one-woman play, "Late Night Catechism" in Phoenix, AZ.

Sue has taken stand-up comedy and sketch comedy classes from Tony Vicich, a former stand up comic and former owner of Entertainment Alley in Scottsdale, AZ. Sue has taken two acting audition classes from Phoenix acting teacher and coach, Ramona Richards.

Sue has taken classes in creative writing, screenwriting, short story, novel and playwriting at Scottsdale Community College and Phoenix College. She attended Robert McKee’s three-day intensive seminar "Story".

She attended Keith Giglio’s four-day "Getting It Write" screenwriting seminar at the UCLA Extension in 2009. She has taken numerous writing workshops and seminars at conferences in California and Arizona. She has led, and also been a member of, numerous writing groups in the Phoenix area.

Sue holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a Masters degree in Social Work from Michigan State University – East Lansing. She grew her production skills throughout her career after graduate school. She wrote and produced all of the videos that you’ll see on this website.

Sue began to develop her management skills with her first career as a counselor when she managed a caseload of drug and alcohol-addicted clients and learned how to work effectively with highly difficult people. She transitioned to vocational rehabilitation counseling when, for six years, she assisted injured workers to return to gainful employment.

She made a major career change when she left the helping professions for a career in the male- dominated field of corporate recruiting. She became a recruiter in the semiconductor industry in 1989, and grew her management skills even further. She built a lucrative business as a semiconductor recruiter and sole proprietor, and credits her success in this business to her skills in managing clients and candidates more than to her sales skills, although sales was certainly one of her skill sets.

Sue left full-time recruiting at the end of 2001, and spent several years in a career changing process doing some part-time recruiting and also engaging in research and writing. Her writing, something that she had considered more of a hobby, has since evolved into a full-time career. She has assisted her husband and business partner, Joe Turner, to build an Internet presence and growing marketing business in job search called the "Job Search Guy".

She ghost writes articles for the "Job Search Guy" that regularly appear on such websites as Monster, Careerbuilder, Ladders, Vault and also the main pages of Yahoo, and These articles have attracted thousands of readers on the Internet.

In 2008 she co-wrote with Joe Turner, Paycheck 911: Don’t Panic, Power Your Job Search!